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Organic Neem Garden Care Pack

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Native Neem Organic Garden Care Gift Pack

Gift Pack Contains:

  • Organic BioGro certified neem granules 500 gms

  • Organic BioGro certified neem oil insecticide 250 ml

  • Organic liquid fertilizer 250 ml

    Know the difference :

    Native Neem Organic Neem Oil Insecticide differs from other commercial neem oils in that other commercial neem oils are emulsified by adding solvents to make them water-soluble. In this form, it is then able to be utilized for home garden use. Native Neem Organic Neem Oil Insecticide is produced using natural emulsifiers, making it chemical-free, made with raw and cold-pressed neem oil, and ideal for your garden. 

    Native Neem Pure Neem Oil differs to other commercial neem oils in that we are able to offer you the choice of either Pure or Emulsified Neem Oil.  For personal and health care purposes use our Native Neem certified organic 100% Pure Neem Oil (medical grade).

    Here in New Zealand, we differentiate between the two types of oils by labeling them as:

    Pure Neem Oil – for personal and health care

    Neem Oil Insecticide – for garden use

    Not all Neem Oils are the same. Native Neem Organic Neem Oil Insecticide is one of the highest grade certified organic oils available today. Our Neem Oil contains high amounts of azadirachtin and is patented and processed in the traditional Indian way without the use of heat, chemicals, or petrochemicals. In this way, it retains all the well-balanced nutrients, many of which would otherwise be lost.  

    As a preventative, Native Neem Organic Neem Oil Insecticide can be used when pest problems are just starting to show. By spraying to coat the leaf surface, will prevent the germination of any fungal spores. Neem is effective against rot, mildew, rust, scab, leaf spot, and blight. It works as a barrier, not as a fungicide, and makes a great garden spray as a general tonic for your plants and soil. 

    Mode of Working:

    Numerous insect species are repelled by the active ingredients in the neem seed. Finding the taste and smell unpleasant, they avoid any plants that have been treated with neem extracts. Insects die sometime after eating the leaves or other parts of plants treated with these substances. The behavior of some insects changes and it also reduces their ability to lay eggs. Neem is known to affect the natural life cycle of many insects by preventing them from passing to the next stage of their development. Thus nymphs cannot pass on to their next stage if they absorb Neem oil through contact or digestion. They then die. 

    Benefits & Usage


    Advantages Of Organic BioGro Certified Neem Granules

    The neem granules should be added to the soil at planting time. Alternatively, it should be applied to the ground surface well before insects that attack your plants are about. Presently, Grass Grub, Purina, and Bronze Beetle are all problems that can be controlled with Neem. If you are having problems with your tomatoes and potatoes, Neem is particularly efficacious and the best natural safeguard against the potato/tomato psyllid.

    • Stops progression from eggs to grubs

    • Stops grubs becoming flying insects

    • Reduces insect attack

    • Controls grass grub

    • Controls root nematodes

    • Controls mealybugs

    • Controls tomato/potato psyllid

    • Controls white butterfly attack 

    • Protects Container plants

    • Note:  It is common to see white mold on granules when not covered with soil. This is a natural breakdown process and it will not harm your plant. The mold will be beneficial to the component of soil. If you do not want to see the mold, then put some soil on the top of the granules, this will also dampen the smell of the granules 


    Unlike chemicals, insects do not become ‘super’ insects that develop resistance

    Field Studies have shown that Native Neem Neem Tree Granules dosed at 250 kilograms per hectare has the efficacy of commercial neem cake at a dosage of 1000 kilograms per hectare

    • Totally prevents hatching and acts as an insecticide on eggs in the soil

    • Enriches the soil with natural nutrients

    • The chlorophyll content increases daily 

    • Totally organic matter, no harm to soil, water, or the environment and includes the growth of beneficial soil flora and fauna

    • Increases the nutrients and microorganisms of the soil and develops as totally organic matter as follows

    • Induces the nitrification process

    • The decomposition of Native Neem neem cake releases fatty acids, aldehydes, ketones, amino acids, carbohydrates, and frees sulfur, which forms the precursor materials for plant growth and metabolism

    • Once decomposed, many of the released compounds hinder the growth of pathogenic fungus

    • The taste, odor, and organic composition retards repel/inhibits the growth and development of plant-parasitic nematodes

    • Root galling can be controlled

    Advantages of Organic BioGro Certified Neem Insecticide

    Native Neem Neem Oil Insecticide Controls Broad Spectrum Fungicide / Insecticide / Miticide For Indoor / Outdoor use on Ornamental Flowering Plants, Trees, Shrubs, Foliage, and Home and Residential Landscapes.

    Native Neem Neem Oil Insecticide is effective in controlling Black Spot, Mildew, Rust, Scab, Whiteflies, Aphids, scale, borer, aphids, spider mites, grass grubs, mealy bugs, thrips, leaf spots, codling moth, nematodes, leaf rollers, leafhoppers, botrytis, twig and tip blight, Alternaria, etc. 

    Our Neem Oil Insecticide is effective in controlling more than 200 insects and pests.

    Native Neem Neem Oil is non-toxic to humans, birds, earthworms or animals.

    Advantages of Organic Liquid Fertilizer

    Native Neem Liquid Fertiliser provides the full range of trace elements and growth stimulants in a form that plants can easily absorb directly through their leaves. Native Neem Liquid Fertiliser has a natural anti-drought agent with excellent bio-stimulation activity. With the power of fermented seaweed and neem, it works as a regular pest/insect controller as well as providing essential micronutrients to the plants. Seaweed, Humic, and Fulvic combustion after fermentation releases enormous energy in the form of soluble nutrients and provides nutritional support to the plant at all stages in the crop life cycle.

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      Organic Neem Garden Care Pack

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