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Organic Neem Head Lice Pack

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Native Neem Organic Neem Head Lice Pack

Ideal to rid your hard of head lice

About Neem:

The medicinal properties of Neem have been part of Indian history since time immemorial. The earliest Sanskrit medical writings refer to the benefits of Neem’s fruits, seeds, oil, leaves, roots and bark; and all of these are used in the Indian Ayurvedic and Unani systems of medicine. In Ayurvedic literature Neem is described in the following manner: ‘Neem bark is cool, bitter, astringent, acrid and cooling. It is useful to alleviate tiredness, cough, fever, loss of appetite and worm infestation. It heals wounds and vitiated conditions of kapha, also vomiting, skin diseases, excessive thirst, and diabetes. Neem leaves are also reported to be beneficial for eye disorders and insect poisons. It treats vatic disorder and is anti-leprotic. 

Its fruits are bitter, purgative, anti-hemorrhagic and anthelmintic. It is claimed that Neem provides an answer to many incurable diseases. Traditionally Neem products have been used against a wide variety of diseases which include heat-rash, boils, wounds, jaundice, leprosy, skin disorders, stomach ulcers, chicken pox, etc. Modern research also confirms Neem’s curative powers in cases of many diseases and provides indications that Neem may be used much more widely in the future.


  •  Native Neem Organic Pure Neem Oil (100ml) Native Neem Organic Pure Neem Oil (medical grade) helps to treat many skin ailments including cuts, burns, bites, acne, dandruff and athletes' foot. Neem Oil helps soothe eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea and it is effective against head lice and scabies. In addition, Neem contains natural insect repellent and natural anti-histamines.

  • Native Neem Organic Neem Hair and Body Wash (250ml) is specially formulated to allow the goodness of Neem to penetrate your skin. Our Neem Hair and Body Wash is an organic, soap-free (mild to your skin), gentle cleanser. It is all natural and completely non-toxic, making it the perfect choice for everyone in your family. Suitable for all ages. No artificial colours, fragrance or chemicals added. This all in one body wash is suitable for hair, body, hand and face wash. Used as a shampoo it works well against dandruff, controlling hair loss and is also effective against nits & lice.

  • Nit Comb

 Benefits & Usage


Neem oil has been shown to rid the body of head lice in three very important and distinct ways. First, Neem contains hormone mimics that interfere with the life cycle of parasites. Secondly, Neem inhibits the parasites ability to feed, giving rise to the term anti-feedant. Finally, Neem prevents louse eggs from hatching.

The best way to treat head lice infestation:

  • Wash hair with Native Neem Organic Neem Hair Wash and dry the hair as usual.

  • Apply Native Neem Organic Neem Oil to the hair and scalp. Massage well to ensure even and complete coverage.

  • Cover with cling wrap or shower cap for 1 hour.

  • Comb hair with fine nit comb before washing your hair. Wash hair with Native Neem Organic Neem Hair & Body Wash, thoroughly cleaning the whole scalp.


  •  Neem Oil: Massage well into the hair and scalp, ensure even and complete coverage

  • Cover with a shower cap for 1 hour.

  • Comb hair with a fine nit comb

  • Neem Hair and Body Wash: Wash your hair thoroughly 

Repeat the complete program: apply oil, comb, wash procedure, for three days.