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Organic Neem & Castile Soap is great for hands & everything else!

Organic Neem & Castile Soap is great for hands, and everything else!


Our Organic Neem oil & Pure Castile hand soap is great at keeping the hands of your family clean and free from germs. But did you know this is much more than just a hand soap? Because this pure handwash contains just a few natural ingredients (Neem oil, castile soap, Aloe vera, Manuka & Essential oils) it can be utilized for effective, non-toxic cleaning for personal care & home cleaning. Its as simple as adjusting the amount you use, or sometimes dilute with water.

Here are our top 5 uses you might not have thought of for our Neem & Castile liquid soap:

  1. Face wash & makeup removal

The natural plant oils in this soap ensure that dirt, oils and makeup are gently cleansed away while simultaneously keeping skin moisturised and protected.

How to use: apply 2-3 drops onto wet hands and gently massage into an already slightly wet face. Wash off with a damp face cloth.

  1. Cleaning makeup brushes

Makeup brushes are a breeding ground of bacteria and build up rancid oils and are recommended to be cleaned more frequently than you may think. Brushes that are used regularly for liquid or powder foundations should be cleaned every week. For others like blush and eye shadow tools, every 2 weeks. Using an oil-based cleanser helps to provide a deep clean of brushes, lifting away other oils and pigments. The Antibacterial power of Neem Oil also helps keep brushes clean from harbouring any nasties.

How to use: 1-2 drops massaged into brush bristles for a few minutes. Rinse under running warm water and repeat until the brush water runs clear. Air dry brushes and hang with bristles facing downwards if possible, to avoid any damage to the glue at base of bristles.

  1. Laundry liquid

Castile soap is an excellent garment cleaner. It helps to lift away dirt, odour and grime from clothes, while also being gentle enough on natural fibres like cotton, wool and linen. It’s a must-have for maintaining the natural softness of linen dresses, tops, pants and bedding without the stiff and roughness. The addition of Neem oil also eliminates bugs like dust mites from bedding.

How to use: Per load, add 80ml (small load) to 120ml (large load) of Neem & Castile Soap to detergent compartment and 1C white vinegar to fabric softener compartment. You can also use ¼- ½ C added to a bucket of warm water to handwash delicate items.

  1. Sparkling window wash

Windows, glass and shower doors quickly build up a film of dirt, fingerprints and grime and can easily achieve their former sparkling glory with a little castile soap spray. For this formula we recommend a greater dilution, so you aren’t fighting with excess suds.

How to use: add 15ml Neem & Castile soap to 1L water. Spray onto surface, wipe using a microfibre cloth then squeegee water away.

  1. Fruit & veggie rinse

Conventional fruits and vegetables are more likely to contain pesticide residue or waxes on their outside surfaces. Even organic produce has been handled by several people before it makes its way to our chopping board and dinner plates. Specialty produce washes can be easily found but are often expensive. Castile soap can do the same thing and at a fraction of the cost.

How to use: 1 small quirt of Neem & Castile soap into a bowl of water. Dunk produce into bowl and swish around. Rinse thoroughly with water before use.

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